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When Can We Pre Order NHL 22?



EA announced the Madden 22 release date, editions, cover athletes, game modes, new gameplay features, and even opened up pre order. There are still a few months away from the release of NHL 22, however, every game player is curious about when can we pre order NHL 22. Here is everything about the NHL 22.


NHL 22 Release Date and Reveal Trailer


There is no confirmation about the release date of the NHL 22, we only can predict the impossible release time from past years. NHL 21 released on October 13, 2020, but that was later than usual because of development delays brought on by the pandemic. In normal years, the game releases either the second or third Friday in September.


NHL 22 will probably release sometime between September 10, 2021, and September 17, 2021. The reveal trailer should be released around the time of EA Play Live on July 22.


NHL 22 Pre Order


It's very possible pre order becomes available after EA Play Live on Thursday, July 22. This would make sense as the title's pre order typically go live a few months before the game is released.

You’ll be able to pre order NHL 22 from all major retailers including Amazon, GAME (UK), GameStop, and of course the PlayStation and Xbox stores.


NHL 22 Price


We expected NHL 22 Standard Edition will cost $69.99, which is higher than last year. The $10 price difference between platforms is the standard for sports games.


NHL 22 Pre Order Rewards


NHL 22 pre order rewards varied based on the edition of the game purchased. The better and more expensive editions came with more extensive benefits. last year, special edition pre order will also probably come with three days of early access. NHL 22's pre order bonuses will likely include special HUT packs, World of Chel hockey bags, and other cool features.


NHL 22 Cover Star


There are many candidates to be the cover star of NHL 22, including talented young athletes and experienced veterans. This has aroused a strong debate in the media. There are some hot candidates, for example, Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon, and Leon Draisaitl.


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