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NHL 22 Wish List: NHL 22 Can Make HUT Better



There are still a few months away from the release of NHL 22, however, every game player is looking forward to playing the game as soon as possible. NHL 22 will probably release sometime between September 10, 2021, and September 17, 2021, which we predicted from the release time of previous years.


NHL 21 has some disappointments and complaints. Now, if NHL 22 wants to keep growing and be better, EA Sports should add some key updates and features into the game.


Bring rewards for peer vs. peer games


Most game players have complained that there are no rewards for peer vs. peer games in NHL 21. It should be amended in NHL 22. For team cooperation, rewards to peers are very important and fair. If NHL 22 brings some rewards for peer vs. peer games, it will be helpful in player retention.


Modulate HUT cards


There are many problems in buying HUT cards in HNL 21, for example, game players can not buy more than two packs in 24 hours. We hope these problems should be amended in NHL 22. At the same time, NHL 22 can learn some modulation from Madden 21, for example, to release some power-up cards which can be upgraded through competitions and tasks.


Adjust the "Hit-Deflection Bubble" & "Self-Sauce Glitch"


Most game players also have complained that when they are in competitions, it is very unhappy to meet the Hit-Deflection Bubble and Self-Sauce Glitch. So if NHL 22 can adjust this issue, it is very considerate to game players.


Next-gen consoles


We expected that there are updates on current generation consoles, besides, we are looking forward to the release of next-gen consoles. Next-gen consoles will create an incredible visual experience in NHL 22.


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