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NHL 22 Has Revealed X Factor Players and Abilities



NHL 22 is only about a month away from releasing on October 15, 2021. Leading up to the release, we're getting tons of new information about the game, including the new X Factors.


These X Factors will be a game-changing addition to the game. And now NHL 22 has revealed X factor players and abilities for game players.


This year only a few players of NHL 22 will have the X factor abilities. Now these players as listed below have the X factor ability.


Auston Matthews - Shock and Awe

Artemi Panarin - Make it Snappy

Connor McDavid - Wheels

Leon Draisaitl - Tape to Tape

Andrei Vasilevskiy - Contortionist


X Factor Abilities Categories


● Shooting

● Skating

● Passing

● Hockey IQ

● Defending

● Goaltending


X Factor Abilities Tiers


● Premier Zone Ability

●Secondary Superstar Ability


All X Factors in NHL 22


● Shooting:

→ Make It Snappy: Get a huge boost to power and accuracy when taking snapshots while skating.

→ Snipe: Settle shots more easily and get additional shot accuracy and power on shots after settling. Keep calm and place your shots.

→ One Tee: Blast one-timers into the net every time. Get a huge boost to power and accuracy on one-time shots, even if the pass from your teammate was… less than ideal.

→ Thunder Clap: They’ll hear the buzzer before they even see the puck. Get extra power and accuracy on slap shots from the point when this ability is activated.

→ Heatseeker: Find the twine with massively increased power and accuracy on wrist and snapshots from the point. Get that perfect placement and speed, even from distance.

→ Shock And Awe: Get exceptional power and accuracy shooting out of, or shortly after, a successful deke.


● Skating:


→ Wheels: Beat anyone, anytime with the puck. You won’t get any agility, speed, or acceleration penalties when skating with the puck.

→ Elite Edges: Make tight, seemingly impossible turns anywhere on the ice without sacrificing maneuverability or speed.

→ Ankle Breaker: Deke opponents at top speed without any penalty whatsoever. They’ll be watching you fly down the ice before they know what hit em.

→ In Reverse: You’ll be as good skating backward (or any other direction) as you are at skating forwards with this ability, and you can switch to back skating on a dime without any penalty to speed or acceleration.


● Passing:


→ Tape To Tape: Handy ability to auto-saucer, and get increased backhand accuracy and reduced power penalties on passes within your vision. See everything, be ready for everything.

→ Send It: Pull the strings from anywhere on the ice by getting a huge increase to pass assist and ability to auto saucer long distance passes.

→ Magnetic: Make that loose puck yours with this brilliant ability to pick them up with speed, as well as to coral bouncing or rolling pucks easily, and snatch up poor passes.

→ Third Eye: There are no blind spots for you when your Third Eye activates. Use this ability to hit seemingly impossible passes to teammates outside your field of vision.


● Hockey IQ:


→ Puck On A String: Be a magician with the puck, thanks to lightning-quick stickhandling moves and toe drags. Now they see the puck, now they don’t.

→ Quick Pick: Snatch the puck from anyone in the blink of an eye. Increase puck interception rate and range.

→ All Alone: You might be on an island, but you’ve still got moves. Get increased accuracy and power on your penalty shots and breakaways.

→ Quick Draw: It’s high noon for you every time you line up for a faceoff. Gain a high success rate on faceoffs, with extra quickness on face-off draws, increased effectiveness on tie-up wins, and a big advantage in defensive zone draws.

→ It’s Tricky: You’ve got more than a few tricks up your sleeves with this ability at the ready. Get a much higher success rate with trick dekes, while also boosting your shooting accuracy immediately afterward.

→ Crease Crasher: Turn any opportunity into a chance at glory with this uncanny ability to coral bouncing pucks and get a boost to your accuracy after collecting them.

→ Big Tipper: Knock even the most accurate shots away from your goal with improved deflection range, accuracy, and speed.


● Defending:


→ YOINK!: Snatch that puck away with a higher stick lift success rate, and leave them hanging while they take longer than usual to recover from your trickery.

→ Stick ‘Em Up: You’re a master of the ancient art of defensive stick handling. Get a much higher success rate with the Defensive Skill Stick, even against momentum or at speed.

→ Shutdown: Take on anyone, anywhere as you get a huge boost to defensive abilities when taking on the puck carrier 1-on-1.


● Goaltending:


→ Contortionist: Twist around to make clutch stops seemingly impossible for most humans. When a goalie activates this ability, he gets increased save range, recovery, and ability while in spread V with or against momentum.

→ All Or Nothing: Take away your opponents’ chance to shoot before they even think about it with a high success rate (including range, accuracy, and recovery) at poke checks in front of the goal.

→ Dialed In: When you’re Dialed In, it feels like nobody can stop you. After making 15 saves in a game, this ability activates and heavily boosts goalie reaction time, recovery, and save ability for the rest of the game.

→ Post To Post: Make elite post to post saves that most goalies only dream of doing. Get an impressive boost to reaction time, recovery, and save ability when going post to post.


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